• Spreegold - fresh food and drinks.

Spreegold – fresh food and drinks.

At the Spreegold our offer is versatile. That means fresh home-made Pasta, good wine, salads with our, as well, home-made Spreegold-dressings, changing soups, extraordinary sandwiches, home-made cake, innovative breakfast-creations till closing-time, healthy mueslis, finest Espresso-specialities,fresh pressed juice-mixes, sparkling ice-drinks, popular teas and a lot of nice people.

Our popular truffel sandwich for breakfast, the Med Sun Pasta for lunch or a mini-chessecake for dessert. These dishes already gained cult status in our first restaurants.

Fresh food and drinks - Spreegold

Breakfast and brunch

The Spreegold-Power-Smoothie, the Spreegold Porridge, the Spreegold pancakes or the scrambled-eggs with truffles and mature Parmesan chesse, are, also outside of the Berlin city limits, well-known breakfast delights, starting your day a great way at the Spreegold. Free of any kind of additives you are enjoying pure Vitamin. The most popular juice-miox is the “Spreegold-Special” containing carrots, beetroot, ginger, apple and a shot of fresh pressed orange juice. Our fine Espresso specialities are prepared with self toasted coffee beans using only 100% Arabica beans. We prefer fresh milk with it. But of course you can enjoy any other kind of milk you wish in our restaurant.

Our extraordinary sandwiches are quickly prepared for you and are very popular as a snack in our customers´ breaks.

Canadian Pancakes
Having lunch in the Spreegold

Lunch high noon

We specialised in home-made pasta, freshly prepared by our employees every day. Our pasta dishes consist of high-quality pesto creations, being prepared in our gourmet-manufacture. We mix up pasta and pesto with finely chopped vegetables, promising not only freshness you can taste but also a lot of healthy vitamine. You can choose your favorite pasta along with any dish you like, due to our versatile pasta offer.

You can create your favorite salad individually, choosing from our big salad-bar. Choose your favorite home-made dressing to go with your salad. For the indecisive we offer our ready composed salad-favorites.

For the small appetite or as starter, we offer regularly changing soups. A good meal ends with a dessert from our confectionery.

Coffee and cake

Our Baristas love to prepare “The Shot” or our “Flat White” meanwhile not only popular with the regulars. Our confectionery specialised in baking coffeehouse classics like brownies, muffins and applebread. But our confectioners are also well-known for preparing exceptionel creations.The Mississippi Mud Pie as well as the Banana Swirl Cake are highly addictive.

A refined blueberry marbel cake and a bee sting cake with double almond cover let german classics appear in a new light.

Sweet cake in Spreegold
Dinner in the Spreegold

Dinner for two

Enjoy your evening at the Spreegold in a relaxed atmosphere. Have a cocktail, a special pasta dish from our evening menu with a good, matching wine and make your evening an experience at the Spreegold.

If you don´t want to miss our goodies at home, you can take any of them home.