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Wine and dine at Spreegold. This is first. From well known Spreegold Classics to new dishes with regional products. We love to feed you! Oh and by the way, the beloved Kaiserschmarr’n is back! Enjoy your meal and be happy.

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Carrot and Ginger
Carrot-ginger soup with coconut, roasted sesame seeds and Ciabatta

Salmon Tartar & Avocado
Salmon tartar, avocado mash, tomato salsa, Yuzu-truffle vinaigrette, truffle mayonnaise and crispy cracker bread

Three Kinds of Bruschetta
Ciabatta with tomato salsa and Gremolata. Avocado mash, roasted sesame and cilantro. Black bean puree and marinated corn

Burrata & Uva
Buratta with grilled white and red grapes, Ciabatta and nuts

Famous Mezze
Chickpea hummus, marinated chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, sesame tuile, cumin, chilli, parsley, fried beetroot balls, truffle-cream and Ciabatta

Shared Starters
2 Bruschetta, hummus with tuile, avocado mash and Tacos with black bean puree, fried wild mushroom balls and truffle mayonnaise


Caesar Salad
Crunchy Romaine lettuce with crispy grilled chicken, baby kale, sundried tomatoes, rosmary-croûtons, aged Grana Padano and homemade Ceasar dressin

Quinoa Power
with grilled chicken strips, avocado mash, warm quinoa coloured with beetroot powder, marinated cucumber salad, tomato salsa, sesame seeds and cilantro


Posh Burger
New Meat™ patty, truffle pesto, fried egg, iceberg lettuce, pickles, white onions, tomato, served with rustic fries

BBC Burger
New Meat™ patty, Cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, homemade BBQ sauce, Mayonnaise, tomato, white onion, pickles, served with rustic fries

Beetroot Burger
Beetroot patty, Yuzu-truffle vinaigrette, Curtice Organic Ketchup, beetroot-mayonnaise, tomato, onion, pickles, served with rustic fries

Crispy Chicken Burger
Crispy fried chicken, fried egg, truffle mayo, BBQ sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato, white onions, pickles, served with rustic fries

Miller’s Cheese & Onion Burger
New Meat™ patty, bluecheese créme, pear chutney, Curtice Organic Ketchup, onion jam, homemade mayonnaise, tomato, onion, pickles, served with rustic fries

Back to Potatoe
Rustic style potato fries with homemade truffle mayonnaise


Trüffel Tagliatelle
Tagliatelle with homemade marscapone-truffle pesto, fried onsen egg, glazed pork belly, zucchini, fresh truffle, Parmesan, roasted walnuts, garden cress and Hollandaise

Coq au vin
Tender chicken thighs braised in white wine, with herbed Tagliatelle, white wine sauce and root vegetables

Crispy Cauli Clowds
breaded cauliflower bites, tumeric-potato mash, marinated raw baby kale and grapes, parsely

Chickpea Stew
Chickpea curry with crispy chicken, coconut, grilled sweet potato, chilli, roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, carrots, sesame seeds and cilantro


This part of the menu will be changed several times during the day. You’ll find regional products and seasonal recipes here.

Asparagus Soup
Cream of Beelitzer asparagus soup with homemade wild garlic pesto and sour dough bread

Asparagus Salad
Marinated green and white asparagus with grilled peach, creamy ricotta, mixed salad, thyme, wild garlic and Ciabatta

Asparagus Tagliatelle
Tagliatelle in creamed asparagus with grilled Thuringian Duroc pork cutlets, green asparagus and wild garlic pesto

Asparagus from Beelitz
White asparagus with herbed baby potatoes and Hollandaise sauce

choose from:
– Ham
– Smoked Salmon
– Duroc Cutlets


Beloved Kaiserschmarr’n
Classic, caramalised Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian shredded pancakes) served with cherry ragout and vanilla ice cream

NY Cheesecake Tumbler
Creamy NY Style cheesecake with vanilla and fruit

Melting Chocolate Sphere
Melting chocolate sphere with a sinful, sweet surprise of mango, nougat, coffee and chocolate cookies

You are a vegetarian or vegan? Ask our service staff about veggie or vegan options.