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Let’s have dinner! From well known Spreegold Classics to new dishes with regional products and seasonal highlights. We love to feed you! Starting right into the cosy season with roasted duck, ox cheeks and other yummy food. Let the holiday begin in October this year! Enjoy your meal and be merry and bright.

  • vegan
  • lactose-free
  • gluten-free


Burrata Caprese
Creamy cheese from Apulia on tomato, herb pesto, Yuzu-truffle vinaigrette and Ciabatta

Shared Starters
Two Bruschetta, hummus with a crispy tuile, avocado mash, black bean mousse, tacos, wild mushroom and beetroot balls, truffle mayonnaise and roasted sesame pide

Taco Tower
Homemade tortilla chips, avocado, crispy avocado sticks, black bean puree and Spreegold’s beloved California dip

Famous Mezze
Chickpea hummus, marinated chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, sesame tuile, cumin, chili, parsley, red beetroot balls, truffle cream and ciabatta

Three Kinds of Bruschetta
Ciabatta with tomato salsa and Gremolata, avocado mash, sesame, coriander, black bean mousse, sweet corn, pimientos de Padrón


Caesar Salad
Fresh, crisp romaine salad, baby kale, sun dried tomatoes, olives, rosemary croutons, aged Grana Padano, and homemade Caesar dressing

Crispy Chicken Salad
Mixed crisp salad with Deep South fried chicken, warm croutons, aged Grana Padano, olives, tomato salsa and Caesar dressing

Feel Good – Forest Salad
Bright mixed salad with baby kale, forest berries, wild mushroom balls, cashew nuts, marinated mushrooms, root vegetables, truffle mayonnaise and toasted bread

Quinoa Power
Garden salad with warm red quinoa, avocado, cucumber salad, tomato salsa, sesame and lime dressing

California Street Bowl
Fried corn tortillas and guacamole, fresh salad, lime dressing, black bean puree, marinated sweet corn and bean salad


Green Kale Stew
Hearty kale soup with glazed pork belly, Brandenburg potatoes and yellow turnips

Spiced Indian Kick
Creamy Chickpea stew, turmeric, coriander, chili, mint, garlic and coconut milk


Beetroot Burger
Red beetroot patty, yuzu-truffle viniagrette, Curtice ketchup, beetroot Mayo, tomato, onions, gherkins

Veggie Love
Grilled halloumi, homemade mayo, avocado, roasted sesame seeds, ketchup, salad, tomato and pickles

Posh Burger
New Meat™ Patty*, truffle pesto, fried egg, iceberg salad, pickles, onions, tomato

BBC Burger
New Meat™ Burger*, melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, homemade BBQ sauce, mayo, tomato, onions and pickles

New Meat™ patty, cheese, mayo, ketchup, onions, gherkins, ice berg salad

Crispy Chicken Burger
Crispy fried chicken, fried egg, truffle mayo, BBQ sauce, salad, tomato, onions and pickles


Beef Goulash
InMeat cut from the leg, slowly stewed in red wine with root vegetables, buttered hazelnut spaetzle and lettuce

Cauliflower Schnitzel
Crispy fried cauliflower schnitzel, truffle-potato mash, cauliflower florets and wild mushrooms

Truffle Pasta & Steakstrips Cut
Medium grilled Veal steakstrips and herbed Tagliatelle, grilled mushrooms, truffle cream, grilled carrots and aged Grana Padano

Wild Mushroom Dumplings
Home-made dumplings with mashed potatoes, fried wild mushrooms, melted onions, glazed bunched carrots and spring leeks

Allgäuer Cheese Spätzle
Homemade cheese Spätzle with sautéd onions, strong mountain cheese and crispy onions

Vegan Chickpea Stew 
Vegan chickpea curry with griled sweetpotato, coconut, chili, fried cauliflower florets, pomegranate, sesame seeds, carrots and coriander


Flank Steak
Sliced grilled flank steak with garden salad, herbs and canary Mojo Verde

Steak Premium Cut
Medium grilled “Butcher’s cut” steak with Mojo Verde and salad

Real Philly Steakcheese Sandwich
250g medium grilled Beef Teres Major, ciabatta, cream cheese, mustard, sautéd onions, American Cheddar and home fries


Beloved Kaiserschmarr’n
Classic, caramalised Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian shredded pancakes) served with cherry ragout and vanilla ice cream

Happy Cheesecake or Lovely Vegan Cheesecake
Classic NY Cheesecake or vegan Cheesecake with coconut, mango ragout, fresh berries, toasted coconut flakes and vanilla

You are a vegetarian or vegan? Ask our service staff about veggie or vegan options.