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Let’s have dinner! From well known Spreegold Classics to new dishes with regional products and seasonal highlights. We love to feed you! Starting right into the cosy season with roasted duck, ox cheeks and other yummy food. Let the holiday begin in November this year! Enjoy your meal and be merry and bright.

  • vegan
  • lactose-free
  • gluten-free


Burrata Caprese
Burrata from Apulia on a fruity tomato sauce, semi-dried cherry
tomatoes, basil pesto, marinated vine tomatoes with toasted country bread

Black Rice Bisquit & Shrimps
Pan-fried jumbo shrimp on crispy baked black rice, truffle mayo, avocado, sesame, vine-ripened tomatoes, and shiso cress

Tomato Bruschetta
Three types of tomato bruschetta with homemade sourdough ciabatta, San Marzano tomatoes, tomato salsa, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, spicy herb pesto, truffle mayo, and basil

Spiced Indian Kick
Creamy chickpea stew with sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, lime leaves, sesame, lemongrass, and toasted country bread (without bread gluten free)


Caesar Salad
Crunchy romaine lettuce with baby kale, sun-ripened tomatoes, rosemary croutons, aged Grana Padano, black olives, and Caesar dressing

Crispy Chicken Salad
Mixed, crunchy salad with crispy baked chicken breast, warm croutons, rich Parmesan, black olives, tomato salsa, and Caesar dressing

From the Loire Valley
Crispy baked goat cheese strudel on a bed of spinach salad with berry dressing, honey, thyme, and toasted pumpernickel

Lime Rocket Salad
Arugula, baby spinach, red chard, couscous , miso pickles, sesame, tomato salsa, edamame, lime-ginger dressing, cilantro, and mint


Lime & Avocado Pearl
Whole avocado filled with creamy couscous, marinated fruity red cabbage, sesame, cilantro, and mint, served with a generous portion of sweet potato fries and lime dip

Gnocchi Truffle & Goat
Homemade potato gnocchi with goat cheese, white mascarpone truffle pesto, walnuts, and black pepper

Italian Breeze
Potato gnocchi with fruity San Marzano tomato sauce, creamy Burrata, basil pesto, friarielli, tomato salsa, and roasted pine nuts

Forest Schnitzel 
Baked oyster mushroom schnitzel with sweet potato puree, wild broccoli, and truffle mayo

Steakstrips & Truffle
Medium-rare, sliced flank steak on truffle potato gnocchi, zucchini, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, Grana Padano and roasted walnuts

Flank Steak
250g steak with rustic fries, Mojo Verde, and truffle mayo

Surf & Turf Steak
Flank steak from Irish Black Angus, grilled jumbo shrimp with lemongrass, sweet potato puree, sesame-caramel jus, and a small herb salad

Real Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich
250g medium-rare beef steak, stone oven ciabatta, cream cheese, coarse mustard, melted onions, with rustic fries


All burgers, available with juicy Norland Beef or New Meat™, come with a generous serving of rustic fries



Chili Cheese

All with New MeatTM Patty, optionally with Norland Beef

BBC Burger
New Meat Patty with cheese, crispy bacon, homemade BBQ sauce, mayo, vine-ripened tomato, onion, and pickles

Burrata Burger
New Meat Patty creamy burrata, brioche bun, tomato salsa, dried cherry tomatoes, ketchup, truffle mayo, basil, and herb pesto

Crispy Mushroom Burger
Crisp-baked oyster mushrooms, black burger bun, sesame-caramel jus, truffle mayo, wakame, vine-ripened tomato, and spinach

Crispy Chicken Burger
Crispy baked chicken breast with homemade BBQ sauce, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles

Canadian Chicken Lover
Crispy baked chicken breast, maple syrup, grilled banana, crispy bacon, ketchup, and mayo

Double B Burger
Double New Meat Patty or 320g of Norland Beef  with cheddar, bacon, mayo, homemade BBQ sauce, vine-ripened tomato, onion, and pickles

The Black Salmon Burger
Grilled salmon fillet in a black sesame burger bun, Curtice ketchup, miso pickles, chili-coriander mayo, vine-ripened tomato, and young spinach

Burger Beef & Prawn
Patty with grilled jumbo shrimp in a brioche bun with sesame-caramel jus, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, mayo, and Curtice organic ketchup


Happy Cheesecake  
Classic NY Cheesecake with coconut, mango ragout, fresh berries, roasted coconut flakes, and vanilla

Good for sharing – Classic caramelized (sliced pancakes, a typical Austrian dessert) with cherry ragout and vanilla ice cream

Lovely Vegan Cheesecake  
Vegan Cheesecake with coconut, mango ragout, fresh berries, roasted coconut flakes, and vanilla