our motto:

good food is good for you.

Our recipes are continuously evolving as we strive to stay at the forefront of culinary trends, while still honoring our beloved Spreegold classics. After all, we’re well aware of your fondness for our Eggs Benedict and Pancakes :) Additionally, we regularly introduce rotating regional menus to keep things exciting and diverse. Bon appétit!


  • Vegan

  • Laktosefrei

  • Glutenfrei

Ubud Porridges

Prepared fresh daily from oats, plant-based milk, linseed, and maple syrup

Porridge of the Gods
babanana, chocolate, fruits

Berry & Nuts
berries, figs, blueberry jam, roasted nuts



Charles Ranhofer, head chef in New York City, devised the dish known as “Eggs Benedict” for financier LeGrand Benedict from Brooklyn, who lamented the lack of “something new” for breakfast.

Brooklyn’s Benedict: brioche, herb-infused ham, hollandaise sauce, herb salad

Crispy Eggs Benedict
deep fried eggs, glazed pork belly, hollandaise, smashed cheese potato

Royal Benny
brioche, truffled spinach, flamed salmon, caviar, hollandaise, pickled onion

brioche, truffled spinach, hollandaise, herb salad


Stuffed French Croissant
french butter croissant, berry jam, cream cheese

Smashed Almond Criossant
butter croissant, nougat, candied brown sugar, almond

directly from france

Pain au Chocolat

Cinnamon Roll
from our bakery


Berry White 
white chocolate, home made blueberry ragout, cream cheese, maple glaze

banana, bacon, maple glaze, cream cheese, berries

Fluffy Banana
banana, chocolate, berries, peach. pistachio, maple glaze


all with coleslaw and a side of mixed herb salad

The First Truffle Stack
sourdough bread, egg, white truffle mascarpone, cheddar

Bacon Egg Sambo
brioche, bbq sauce, fried egg, bacon, spinach

Fitness Stulle
pumpernickel, ricotta, red cabbage, walnut, apple, honey

Ricotta Stack Layer
sourdough bread, ricotta, grilled peach, honey, basil pesto


Paleo Power Omelette
4 eggs, grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado, herb salad

Salmon Roll
rolled omelette, torched salmon, coleslaw,  teriyaki sauce, caviar, chives

Cheese Mushroom Omelette
made of 4 eggs, mushrooms, aromatic cheese, chives, wild herbs, pickles

Bread Basket feat. a trio of  bread from our bakery + dip
warm sourdough bread, toasted tuscan bread, grissini, herb aioli

Truffled Scramble
scrambled eggs with truffle pesto, walnuts, parmesan, rustic country bread

Oeufs Cocotte
baked eggs in a cast iron pot, cream cheese, tomato, brioche

English Breakfast
beans, sausages, pork belly, omelette, onion, cheesy smashed potatoes, sour cream, green tabascoo

Green Shakshuka – Spreegold‘s most famous
our twist on the classic dish featuring poached eggs, avocado, fresh spinach, truffle, quinoa, mojo verde, sesame, and edamame. It‘s a Spreegold favourite!


Add some zest to your day! Our Mimosas are the perfect companion for a leisurely breakfast or a casual lunch.

Classic Mimosa
Orange juice and Prosecco

Mango Mimosa
Mango and Prosecco

Prosecco on ice
For purists: Prosecco served over ice cubes


Avocado & Eggs
sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, avocado, cherry tomato, herb salad

Avocado Egg Drop
brioche, avocado, egg, mayo, pickled onions, chives

Avocado Egg Bread
sourdough bread, avocado, cherry tomato, herb salad


organic superfood smoothies. no added sugar. vegan (except for one). 0,25l

Blue Moon
berries, chia seeds, banana, coconut, oat milk, baobab

Detox Super Green
apple, lime, kale, ginger, cucumber, spinach, mint

Chocolat Beast
raw chocolate, plant-based milk, coconut banana, almonds, honey, cocoa nibs

Mango Shack
mango, banana, chia seeds, coconut, oat milk, baobab

Orange Sun
freshly squeezed oranges, coconut flakes


Chickpea Stew
chickpea stew, chili, coconut, sweet potato, sesame


No Chicken No Cry Salat
vegan caesar salad with crispy fried forest mushrooms, romaine lettuce, sesame croutons, yuzu-caesar vinaigrette, truffle mayo

Caesar’s Salat
romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan

Crispy Chicken Salat
crispy baked chicken breast, romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan

Steak Salad
steak strips, lettuce hearts, tomato dressing, quinoa, spinach, olives, capers, red onion


rustic fries with homemade truffle mayo and parmesan


Posh Gnocchi
gnocchi with delicate truffle pesto, toasted walnuts, baby leaves and grana padano

beef, tomato, basil, parmesan

Chickpea Twist
breaded oyster mushrooms, chickpea curry, black rice, edamame, wild broccoli, bell pepper, sesame

Peanut Chicken Bowl
crispy chicken breast, chickpea curry, black rice, edamame, wild broccoli, bell pepper, peanut chili dip, sesame

Flamed Salmon Bowl
edamame, wilder brokkoli, paprika, sesam, flamed salmon, chickpea curry, black rice, edamame, wild broccoli, bell pepper, sesame

Spreegold’s Ribs
500g tender ribs marinated in korean-bbq-sauce, coleslaw, pickle, with rustic fries

Waldpilz Schnitzel
fried mushrooms, coleslaw, truffle mayo, wild broccoli, rosemary potatoes

Lime & Avocado Pearl
whole avocado filled with creamy quinoa, marinated fruity red cabbage, sesame – served with a generous portion of sweet potato fries and lime dip


All burgers incl. rustic fries with either mayo or ketchup

Crispy Chicken
crispy chicken breast, burger sauce, coleslaw, onions

New Meat TM Hamburger
burger with plant-based patty by redefine meat, pickle, tomato, burger sauce

180 beef patty, american cheese, burger sauce, onion, pickle, tomato

Mack Rib
ribs, bbq sauce, fried onions, coleslaw, cucumber

BBQ Bacon
180 beef patty, bacon, bbq sauce, onion , cheddar, burger sauce

180g beef patty, burger sauce, onion, cucumber, tomato, jalapenos, cheddar

Veggie Love
halloumi, avocado, sesame, tomato, red cabbage, cucumber

Crispy Mushroom
oyster mushrooms, sesame caramel jus, tomato, spinach, cucumber, coleslaw


Happy Cheesecake
warm ny cheesecake, raspberry coulis, pistachio

Kaiserschmarr’n XXL for sharing
caramelized kaiserschmarrn, blueberry ragout, vanilla ice creams

Chiisy Cake
vegan cheesecake, berry coulis, pistachio

Berries & Mousse
white chocolate mousse, lime icing, berries



Cinnamon Roll

Carrot Cake

Filled Crumb Cake


Bundt Cake

Helen’s Brownie

Peanut Bar