You can sip with us!

Good drinks are good for you.

You can’t drink all day long if you don’t start in the morning. Therefore we offer everything from healthy and rich in vitamins to enjoyable wine. Daydrinking? Bring it on! FYI: It’s best to keep checking back from time to time to see what’s new. Cheers!

Vitamins & smoothies

Green Dream
Apple, ginger, mint

Vitamin power
carot, apple, ginger

Strawberry love
strawberries, banana, vanilla milk

Spreegold special
beetroot, apple, ginger, orange, carot

Detox super green
apple, lime, kale, ginger, cucumber, parsley, mint

Fresh Iced Teas

Paleo superdrink
unsweetened red tea made from blue-, acai-, goji- and black-berries, with apple wedges

Green mango
iced green tea with mango

Wild berry
Freshly iced red berry tea with lime

Black lemon
fresh Earl Grey with lemon


Indian Delight Lassi
Salty joghurt or mango

Melting milkshakes
Salty caramel, vanilla or chocolate

Light joghurt shakes
strawberries, cherry or wild berry

Cool Coffee

Cold brewed coffee on the rocks
12 hours of extracted filter coffee on ice

Matcha iced latte

California iced latte
with coconut milk

Classic american iced coffee
chilled filter coffee, lightly sweetened with a dash of milk

Hot drinks

Organic Chai Tea

Matcha Mint Tea


Flat White

Golden Kurkuma Latte

Bio Matcha Latte


California Latte

California Latte

Vanilla Latte

Premium dark chocolate






White wine, glasses

Weinbiet Riesling QbA dry
PALATINATE. Fresh, not too heavy, juicy, fine, well-integrated acidity, pleasantly dry and delicately fruity. With aromas of peach, apricot and apple.

Beck pinot gris QbA dry
PALATINATE. Bright bright yellow with fruity acidity. Fresh fruit aromas such as gooseberry and apricot dominate in this wine. Peppery aromas complete the whole thing.

White wine, bottles

Heitlinger pinot gris dry
BADEN. Fresh but structured. Juicy, round, a little fuller, yet lively and lively. Very harmonious with animating, well-integrated acidity.

Köwerich Riesling
MOSELLE. Fruity, very juicy and full-bodied with elegance and finesse, delicious fruit aromas with well-integrated acidity.

Fogt Scheurebe dry, vegan
RHEINHESSEN. The scent is reminiscent of cassis, pineapple and peach. On the palate with seductive minerality and light saltiness that give the wine incredible length. Fresh, fruity and complex.

Johannes Hörner Sauvignon Blanc trocken
PALATINATE. Gorgeous green flavours. Fresh, tasty and pleasantly dry with a fine fruit finish.

Wenzl Green Veltliner Weinviertel
LOWER AUSTRIA. Pale yellow with slight green reflections. C lear fruit development of melon and slightly exotic aromas.

Torre dei Vescovi, Pinot Grigio
VENETO. Classic from Italy. Fresh, complex, pleasantly dry and not too heavy. Delicately fruity, soft and deliciously refreshing.

Red wine, glasses

Weinbiet Pinot noir dry
PALATINATE. Brick red in color with typically juicy burgundy notes. Not too heavy, finely integrated acidity.

Palorino Merlot Porta Leoni
VENETO. Balanced, soft powerful but not too heavy. Beautiful fruit aromas, pleasantly dry.

Red wine, bottles

Johann Geil Erben Spätburgunder
RHEINHESSEN. Refined and complex Pinot Noir. Bright red in the glass. The scent is reminiscent of currants and cherries. Soft and fruity on the palate, not too heavy.

Beck “Trilogie Cuvée”
RHEINHESSEN. Thanks to the traditional maturation in large oak barrels, elegant, delicate notes of wood and strong fruit aromas such as blueberries and blackberries. Light with invigorating acidity and a smooth finish.

Kroiss Blaufränkisch
LOWER AUSTRIA. Medium ruby red. Fine fruity nose with notes of sour cherry. Typical “Blaufränkisch” aromas such as cherries and berries on the palate. Spicy, smooth and juicy.

Domus Vini Primitivo del Salento IGP
PUGLIA. Ruby red with intense garnet reflections. Balanced and spicy on the nose. Full, harmonious taste balanced with soft tannins, red berry aromas. Soft finish with a touch of sweetness.

Nero D’Avola Terre Normanne DOP
SICILY. Its scent is reminiscent of tobacco, cassis and dark chocolate. Strong, berry, juicy on the palate. Nice wine for lovers of full-bodied wines. Rounded off with spicy accents.


Freshly squeezed orange juice and Prosecco

Prosecco on ice

Imperial Vino Spumante bianco Extra Dry
VENETO. Great, fine sparkling Spumante with great fruit aromas.

Beer on tap

Berliner Pilsner

Hacker Pschorr Helles (only at Bikini Berlin)

Paulaner Yeast Whitebeer

Oberdorfer Lager (only in restaurants Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte)

Bootle beer

Berliner Kindl alcohol free

Alcoholfree wheat beer

Berliner Weisse

Paulaner Zwickel



Berliner Luft


Purple Haze

Hemmingway Sour


Whiskey Sour

Red Mojito

Passion Caipirinha


Gin Tonic

Vodka Soda “Skinny Bitch”

Cuba Libre

Moscow Mule

Whiskey Cola


Virgin passion
Passion fruit, vanilla, lemon, soda



Martini Vibrante & Tonic


Berlin Spritz
Aperol, Berliner Weisse

Strawberry-Basil Spritz
Strawberry, basil, prosecco

Limoncello Spritz
Limoncello, prosecco,
soda, lemon, thyme

Lillet wild berry
Lillet Blanc, Schweppes original wild berry

Prosecco, soda, elder berrie syrup, mint

Aperol Spritz

Martini Tonic