Wild Wild West – Berlin

Rooftop bar in west Berlin

In Darwin’s Lab you can sweeten your evening with the most delicious drinks. From Gin Tonic to Artichoke Elixir by Dr. Jaglas you get everything your heart desires from our experienced team at the shakers. If the counter is too full or the weather is too good, you can enjoy view on the huge terrace sipping your favourite drink.

We welcome all guests!
Musically it’s similar: hardly any genre is neglected. On the weekends, the DJ plays everything that’s fun, true to the motto of the famous Paradise Garage in New York in the 70s and 80s. From dance classics to house to disco, from funk and electronic music to Latin and of course selected gems from the very latest records. No guest stays seated for long and the bar quickly becomes a dance floor.

Just as the restaurant, bar and dance floor merge here, the end of the evening sometimes becomes the beginning of a long night. This is Berlin!


Whiskey Sour
Marker’s Mark, Zitrone, Sirup

Red Mojito
Bacardi, Himbeeren, Minze, Soda

Passion Caipi
Delicana Cachaça, Limette, Honig, Passions Frucht

Purple Haze
Tanqueray Gin, Red Berry Tee, Schweppes Dry Tonic

Bloody Mary
Vodka, Tomatensaft, Sellerie

West Bellini
Pfirsichlikör, Prosecco, Ananas Saft, Limette

Red Sea
Gin, Cranberry, Ingwerbier

Spring Sour
Gin St Germain, Limette, Zucker, Naturtrüber Apfelsaft

Elixier Tonic
Dr. Jaglas Artischocken Elixier, Schweppes Dry Tonic, Limette

Darwins Mojito
Rum, Minze, Zucker, Soda, Limette

Delicana Cachaça , Limette, Rohrzucker

Moscow Mule
Vodka, Gurke, Limette, Ingwer Bier

Hemingway Sour
Tanqueray Dry Gin, Zitrone, Grenadine


Virgin Passion
Passionsfrucht, Vanille, Zitrone, Soda

Ginger Ale , Limette, Rohrzucker

Minze, Zucker, Limette, Soda

Martini Vibrante & Tonic alkoholfrei

Wildberry Hibiscus
Dr. Jaglas Herber Hibiskus, Schweppes Dry Tonic, Limette, Beeren


Whiskey Cola
Marker‘s Mark, Cola

Cuba Libre
Bacardi Carta Oro, Cola, Limette

Gin Tonic
Tanqueray, Schweppes Tonic, Blaubeeren, Rosmarin

Moscow Mule
42 Below, Schweppes Ginger Beer, Gurke, Limette

Vodka Soda “Skinny Bitch”
42 Below, Soda, Zitrone


Berlin Spritz
Aperol, Berliner Weisse

Erdbeer-Basilikum Spritz
Erdbeeren, Basilikum, Prosecco

Limoncello Spritz
Limoncello, Prosecco, Soda, Zitrone, Thymian

Prosecco, Soda, Holundersirup, Minze

Aperol Spritz
Aperol, Prosecco, Orange

Martini Tonic
Martini Fiero, Schweppes Tonic, Zitrone


Imperial Vino Spumante bianco Extra Dry

Veuve Clicquot

Bar Food

Bruschetta Threesome
rösches Ciabatta mit klassischer Tomatensalsa, Oliventapenade und Kräuterpesto

Nachos California
Nachos mit Cheddar und Mozzarella, Jalapeños, Spreegold’s White California Dip und Avocado mash

Back to potato
Rustikale Pommes mit hausgemachter Trüffelmayonnaise