Chestnut Cream Soup (V)
With roasted cinnamon pumpernickel croutons and beetroot cream


Braised Beef Cheeksf

Slow-cooked ox cheek, sweet potato puree, pan-fried oyster mushrooms, parsley, and chocolate jus

Grilled Ducka,5,15,18

Half a crispy country duck glazed with honey, homemade apple-red cabbage, hearty kale, potato dumplings, breadcrumb topping, and fruity orange jus

Venison Goulasha 

Juicy venison goulash from the leg, braised in red wine, with root vegetables, potato dumplings, breadcrumb topping, and homemade apple-red cabbage

Duck Breastg,n 

Duck breast cooked with crispy skin, potato gratin, wild broccoli, and sesame caramel jus 

vegan / vegetarian mains

Winter Bowl (V)

Raw marinated and braised red cabbage, browned potato dumpling wedges, wild broccoli, red coconut cream, and baby spinach

King Cabbage

Oven-braised red cabbage glazed with maple syrup, on beetroot-coconut puree with goat cheese and wild broccoli (vegan without the goat cheese) 

Christmas Roasta,f,1,l (V)

Made with Redefine PRO minced meat, with sweet potato-cinnamon puree, braised carrots, grilled mushrooms, and Burgundy jus


Bratapfel Crumble (V)

Baked crumble with roasted apple-vanilla compote, oatmeal streusel, marzipan, and vanilla cream