Good home cooking

Appetite comes with eating.

Here you can find a slightly different Spreegold menu! It’s inspired by the typical southern german kitchen with a touch of home-style recipes that you know from your grandmother or aunt. Käsespätzle can be found as well as Maultaschen and black beer goulash. What goes better with this than a beer!? Tank beer! Super fresh and straight from the brewery into the glass. Read more below.


Good morning scone
Scone, butter, cream cheese, marmelade

Salmon scone
Scone, butter, cream cheese, salmon

Ham ‘n’ cheese scone
Scone, butter, cream cheese, Kochschinken, Edamer, Essiggurke

Wild Hilda
Hildas millet porridge with caramelised apple slices, coconut, cream

French toast or poor knight 
baked tin bread, vanilla, caramel sauce, roasted peanuts, berry puree

Scotch eggs
3 crispy baked poached eggs on scones, hollandaise sauce, caramelised pancetta

Potato mushroom omelette
fried herb mushrooms, melted onions, eggs, potatoes, parsley pesto, sour cream

Farmer’s omelette
Eggs, potatoes, crispy Bacon, sour cream, pickles

Breakfast Schöneberg
wholemeal bread, brie, apple, walnuts, honey, lettuce, egg in a jar, sour cream


Soup with potatoes from Beelitz
Potato soup, marjoram, sour cream, fried mushrooms, rustic brown bread croutons

Swabian pocket salad 
fried swabian pockets with egg, bacon, melted onions, lettuce, radishes

Salad and gröstl
crisp lettuce, Austrian cheese “dumplings”, house dressing, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil


Dumplings & mushrooms
homemade cheese dumplings, creamed mushrooms, parsley, baby spinach, crunchy onions

Goaty strudel & beetroot 
Beetroot salad, baked goat cheese, honey, rosemary, black pepper, walnuts, grilled apple

Trude‘s pockets (Maultaschen)
homemade dumplings with meat filling, creamy sauerkraut, melted bacon and onions, parsley

Cheese Spaetzle from the alps 
homemade cheese Spaetzle, melted onions, aromatic mountain cheese, roasted onions, parsley

5 pieces of Franconian bratwurst, marjoram, creamed cabbage, stone oven bread, melted onions, dark beer sauce

Dark beer goulash
beef goulash in the pan, dark beer, carrots, silver onions, herb potatoes

Königsberger Klopse
German meatballs with caper sauce, crispy capers, herb potatoes, beetroot salad


Apple “Küchle” with vanilla ice cream
baked apple rings, caramel sauce, berries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate

French Toast
baked tin bread, vanilla, caramel sauce, roasted peanuts, berry puree


Berliner Pilsner tank beer
unpasteurised fresh beer straight from the Berliner Pilsener brewery

Hacker Pschorr Munich
this beer specialty has been brewed in Munich for centuries, it translates the character of the Bavarian capital into hops and malt: the Munich Hell. Soft and malty, finely hopped and heavenly like the Frauenkirche. More Munich does not fit into the barrel.

Paulaner yeast whitebeer, cloudy
naturally cloudy. This Weissbier has a fine note of yeast and a mild but sparkling mix of aromas.