Drink in Spreegold

    Your store for the whole day

    At the Spreeglod we like to start our day with a good coffee. It doesn´t matter if it is a fresh made coffee from our Eva Solo can or a creamy café latte. Some also might enjoy a cup of tea from our big tea selection having an english breakfast tea.

    The Fan community of the ones, willing to start their day more healthy, is constantly growing. Our huge selection of vitamine-drinks,being pressed fresh as you order, guarantee that everyone gets a minimal amount of vitamines, already in the morning.

    Yoghurt-drinks, Fruit- and Coffeeshakes complete the classic Coffeeshop-offer.In the evening you enjoy one of our excellent wines with your pasta or you enjoy an icecold beer.Our Baristas would like to mix one of the classic cocktails for you, for your perfect start into the evening.

    Drink in Spreegold

    Hot drinks with and without

    Our Espresso-specialities are freshly prepared for you and won´t start the machine until you order. high-quality coffe beans and the perfect toasting are a matter of quality for us, making your espresso an experience.

    The milk for all of our drink is carefully frothened and extra creamy, it doesn´t matter which Espresso-speciality you order.

    As carefully as we prepare our Espresso we prepare our filter coffee. Every two hours we prepare new flter coffee. That applies for all coffees wether it´s the Spreegold House-Mixture, a Single Origin from Kenia or Hawaii.

    Spreegold only buys coffee from farmers who care about enviromental sustainibilty.Our suplliers support the farmers in the countries of origin professionally and financially, participating in various social projects they assure them a life with dignity.

    Besides of our fine coffees we offer a lot mor high-quality hot drinks. Our chocolates are being called Premium Chocolates and that´s no exaggeration, it´s because our basic ingredients like belgic orange chocolate, chili chocolate or the white caramael chocolate fulfill high-quality standards. If you wish, we refine your chocolate with whipped vanilla cream.

    If you rather enjoy a hot tea, just order a mint- or ginger-lemon tea.

    Flat White
    Mandelmilch Aufpreis

    Hot Drinks menu card

    Hot drinks as well iced
    • Standard price *
    • Caffé Latte
      3,50 € *
    • Cappuccino
      3,50 € *
    • Flat White
      3,90 € *
      double Espresso, creamy milk, a bit of frothened milk
    • Golden Vanilla Kurkuma Latte
      4,20 €
      Health booster with soy milk
    • Bio Matcha Latte
      3,90 € *
    • California Latte
      4,85 €
      with coconut milk
    • The Shot
      3,10 € *
      More Espresso – quicker prepared with creamy milk
    • Caramel Macchiato¹
      4,10 € *
      Vanille, Espresso, milk, frothened milk or whipped cream
    • Vanilla Latte¹
      4,15 € *
      Vanille, Espresso, milk, frothened milk or whipped cream
    • Premium Chocolates
      3,95 € *
      white, dark, with chili- or belgic orange chocolate, milk, frothened milk or whipped cream
    • Double Espresso
      2,80 € *
    • Organic Chai Tea
      3,85 € *
      Organic Chai, Milk, Milk foam
    • Fresh Mint tea
      3,40 €
    • Fresh ginger tea
      3,40 €
      with lemon
    • Matcha Mint Tea
      3,50 € *
    • ¹ Dye stuff

    Cold Drinks

    We have got a wide offer of cold drinks easily for you to take from our refidgerator. But we offer as well a lot of fresh drinks, preparing them freshly just for you.

    Besides our offer of cold coffee specialities, we are always trying to giver our guests a special treat with fresh and healthy cold drinks . We are pretty sure that you will find your favorite in our wide offer of vitamines, creating exciting mixtures of fruits and vegetables. Our drinks cover yor daily need of vitamines and reach from a sour-refreshing taste (Energizer)over sweet-light (Popeyes Best) up to fruity and sparkling(Breakfast Power Smoothie).We only use natural ingredients for our cold drinks, it doesn´t matter if it´s the light yoghurt-,coffee- or milkshake.

    Not only in summer time our Cranberry-Mint-Cooler or our fresh Daiquiris are especially popular.

    Our employees are always trying to gain new refreshing ideas in their vaccations and they’re already testing new creations right now.

    Cold drinks


    • Standard price *
    • Cold Brewed Coffee on the rocks
      3,90 € *
    • Classic American Iced Coffee
      3,65 € *
    • Organic Iced Matcha Latte
      4,05 € *
      Slightly sweetened
    • California Iced Latte
      4,15 € *
      With coconut milk
    • Granny’s Vanilla Ice Coffee
      4,65 € *
    • Indian Delight Lassi
      4,95 € *
      Salty yoghurt, mango or red fruit
    • Melting Milkshakes
      4,65 € *
      Kind: salty caramel, chocolate or vanilla, raspberry-vanilla
    • Pure Fruit Shakes
      5,35 € *
      Sweet water melon, mango or summer fruits
    • Light Yoghurt Shake
      4,65 € *
      Raspberry, blueberry or strawberry
    • Spreegold Ice Chocolat
      4,10 € *
      White chocolate or dark chocolate with vanilla cream


    • Chocolate Caramel Hit by Erna
      5,40 € *
      Raw Cacao, almonds, coconut, banana
    • Sunshine Paleo Smoothie
      6,55 € *
      Berries, orange juice, banana
    • Popey’s Best
      5,10 € *
      Spinach, pineapple, apple
    • Watermelon Shake
      4,95 € *
    • Green Dream
      4,70 € *
      Apple, mint, ginger
    • Sweet Kiss
      4,90 € *
      Raspberry, apple, ginger
    • Vitaminpower
      4,50 € *
      Carrot, apple, ginger
    • Spreegold-Spezial
      5,10 € *
      Beetroot, ginger, apple, carrot, orange
    • Strawberry Love
      4,90 € *
      Strawberry, banana, vanilla milk
    • Detox Super Green
      5,10 €
      Apple, lime, green cabbage, ginger, cucumber, parsley, mint

    Icetea, Soda, Mineral water

    • Standard price *
    • Fresh Iced Tea
    • Paleo Superdrink Ice Tea
      3,95 € *
      unsweetened red berries tea from blueberries, acai berries, goji berries like blackberries with apple wedges
    • Green Mango Iced Tea (unsweetened)
      3,95 € *
      Iced green tea with lemon and mint
    • Wild Berry Iced Tea (lightly sweetened)
      3,95 € *
      Iced tea made from red berries with lime
    • Black Lemon Iced Tea
      3,95 € *
      Iced tea made from red berries with lime
    • Mineral water
    • Bottle of water 0,75 l
      5,50 €
    • Glass of water 0,25 l
      2,50 €
    • Soda
    • Appel spritzer / rhubarb spritzer
      3,50 € *
    • Cranberry-Lime-Mint-Spritzer
      4,20 € *
    • Passion Fruit Spritzer
      4,70 € *
      Served sparkling and with fresh fruits
    • Red Bull- Coca Cola
      4,70 € *
    • Lemonades
    • Raspberry lime lemonade
      4,60 € *
      Lemonade from fresh raspberries, lime and some mint
    • Strawberry Basil Lemonade
      4,60 € *
      Strawberries, basil and soda make lemonade for refreshment
    • Lemon lemonade
      4,60 € *
      Hand made lemonade from lemon, fresh ginger, plucked mint and cane sugar
    • Orange Lemonade
      4,60 € *
      Homemade lemonade from fresh oranges

    Schampus & Cava

    • Champagner Gosset Grand Rosé
      90,00 €
      Champagne, France | bright, brilliant salmon pink, with golden and cherry red glimmers. Delicate fizz. elegance, intensity and delicately structured acid.
      btl. 0,75 L
    • Champagner Gosset Brut Excellence
      Glas 0,1 L 9,00 €
      Fl. 0,75 L 21,00 €
      Champagne, France | light gold and crystal clear, delicate fizz. Impresses with its strong, fresh, lively and elegant bouquet – soft, fruity, elegant, sophisticated and irresistible.
      glass 0.1 L or btl. 0.75 L
    • Cremant Tradition Brut
      Elsass, France | elegant, racy, with delicate fizz and intense, luminous, golden color.
      glass 0.1 L or btl. 0.75 L
    • Cava Jaume Serra Brut
      Spain | A classic Spanish Cava, stored at least 12 months. A nose full of almond and walnut aromas.
      glass 0.1 L or btl. 0.75 L
    Cava in Spreegold

    Beer & Digestif

    • Draught Beer
      0,3 l or 0,5 l
    • Hacker-Pschorr Munich Lager
      Only in the Spreegold Store in BIKINI Berlin
    • Berliner Pilsner
    • Rollberg (seasonal)
    • Hefe Paulaner Hell
    • Braufactum COLONIA Summer Ale (0,3 l)
    • Braufactum CRAFT BEER (seasonal) 0,3 l
    • By the bottle
    • Paulaner Zwickel (0,4 L)
    • Berliner Weisse red / green 0.33 L
    • Non-alcoholic wheat beer (0.5 L)
    • Clausthaler non-alcoholic (0.33 L)
    Bier im Spreegold

    Cocktails *

    • Whisky Sour
      Bourbon, fresh lemon and lauter sugar
    • Gin Tonic
      Tanqueray Gin, Schweppes dry Tonic
    • Red Mojito
      Bacardi, fresh berries, cane sugar, lime, mint, soda
    • Passion Caipirinha
      Cachaça, passion fruit, lime juice, honey
    • Erdbeer-Basilikum Spritz
      Strawberries, basil, sparkling wine
    • Himbeer-Limetten Spritz
      Raspberries, lime, mint, sparkling wine
    • Hugo
      Wine, soda, elderberry liquor, mint
    • Aperol Spritz
      Aperol, sparkling wine, orange
    • Le Rosé
      Cava, Belsazar, rose lemonade


    • Plein Solei
      Blueberries, basil, rose lemonade
    • Virgin Passion
      6,50 €
      Passion fruit, vanilla, fresh lemon juice, soda
    • Grape and Soda
      6,50 €
      Grapefruit lemonade, fresh lime juice, soda

    White wine list

    by the glass 0,1 l or 0,2 l

    • Grauer Burgunder QbA, dry
      Rheinhessen, Germany | of a bright yellow and fresh nature. Fruity aromas such as apricot and gooseberry – spicy aromas round off this wine.
    • Chardonnay Vin de Pay’s Les Jamelles
      Southern France | delicate nose, some wood, apple, nut, citrus and apricot aromas. Juicy with well-integrated acid and a fruity finish.
    • Pinot Grigio IGT
      Veneto, Italy | A classic from Italy. This fresh and complex Pinot Grigio is pleasantly dry and not too dense. It is delicately fruity, soft and deliciously refreshing.
    • Grüner Veltliner dry
      Weinviertel, Austria |light yellow-green. Smells of green apple, some peach, juicy, fresh. Delicate fruity aroma, notes of pepper.
    • Pfälzer Riesling QbA, dry
      Rhenish Palatinate, Germany | A sparkling wine with clear structure, a classic Palatine!

    White wine list

    by the bottle 0,75 l

    • Silvaner Kabinett dry Sommeracher Katzenkopf
      Franconia, Germany | refreshing, crisp, well-integrated acid – full-bodied aromas of green pepper, gooseberry, some citrus.
    • Chablis AOC
      Chablis, France | minerally, racy, delicate, dry, subtle acidity.
    • Gavi DOCG Monfiore
      Piemont, Italy | A classic from Northern Italy. Full of character, fresh, artful, light-bodied and dry.
    • Grüner Veltliner Kroiss quality wine, dry
      Burgenland, Austria | light green-yellow. Smell of green apple, some peach. Juicy and fresh on the palate, delicate fruity aroma. Very round and appealing.
    • Chardonnay
      Deidesheim, Palatinate, Germany | ripe, yellow fruit Integrated in a full body. Elegant, international grape variety.
    • Riesling *Herrgottsacker*
      Deidesheim, Germany | Aromatic like a ripe vineyard peach – fruity, spicy and complex.
    • Weißburgunder
      Palatinate, Germany | airy, delicate fruit aromas such as apricot and pineapple.
    • Sauvignon Blanc Qualitätswein dry
      Weinviertel, Austria | yellow-green, bright color. Typical grassy smell. Gooseberry and blackcurrant on the palate. Refreshing finish.

    Red wine list & Rosé

    by the glass 0,1 l or 0,2 l

    • Heitlinger Spätburgunder dry
      Baden, Germany | aromas of cherry, currant and red fruit. Soft and velvety on the palate, not too dense and pleasantly dry.
    • Les Jamelles Merlot Vin de Pays d’Oc
      France | round, tangy, yet complex. Dark red color, blueberries, cassis, cherries, balanced tannins.
    • Palorino Cabernet Sauvignon Porta Leoni IGT
      Veneto, Italy | good structure, not too dense, dark purple color, delicate smell of blackberry.
    • Zweigelt dry
      Burgenland, Austria | dark ruby, with an aroma of sweet wild berries, elegant and juicy on the palate.
    • Primitivo del Salento Soltema IGP
      Apulia, Italy | The Primitivo presents itself dense, fruity, distinctive and yet velvety. Very harmonious and balanced but also rustic and strong with a hint of sweetness.
    • Rosé wine
    • Portugieser Weißherbst
      Rhenish Palatinate, Germany | fresh, fruity, pleasantly dry Rosé, with strawberry and red fruit.

    Red wine list & Rosé

    by the bottle 0,75 l

    • Nero d’Avola Rapitalà
      Sicily, Italy | soft and velvety with hints of ripe fruits, combined with a cherry note. Dry, harmonious and intense, full-bodied with pleasant tannins.
    • Spätburgunder QbA dry
      Palatinate, Germany | A somewhat light, fruity and dry wine. Very soft and velvety. With a typical juicy color of a Spätburgunder, with great fruity aromas of cherries and currants.
    • Blaufränkisch dry
      Burgenland, Austria | delicate, fruity nose With a hint of sour cherry. Typical »blaufränkische« aromas on the palate such as cherry and berries. Spicy, smooth and juicy.
    • Primitivo del Salento Soltema IGP
      Apulien, Italy | The Primitivo is dense, fruity, prominent yet velvety. Very harmonious and balanced, yet rustic and intense with a hint of sweetness.
    • Syrah-Merlot Réserve de l`Aube Vin de France
      Southern France | not too heavy, velvety and with soft tannins, with aromas of red fruit, toasty notes and a hint of clove and vanilla.
    • Cabernet Sauvignon Vin de Pay’s Les Jamelles
      Southern France | dark red Cabernet-Sauvignon, elegant and complex, with aromas of red berries (currant, strawberry) and a delicate, fresh vegetal note (green pepper).
    • Senorio de Ayud Organic tinto Garnacha, Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot ( each 25%)
      Calatayud, Spain | stored in wooden barrels for six months, with an intensive, luminous, cherry red color. Aroma of ripe, red fruit, soft juicy and harmonious.
    • Rioja Quebrada
      Rioja, Spain | dry, intense classic from Spain. Nuances of cherry, dried fruit and a hint of liquorish.
    • Rosé
    • Malbec Rosé L’Instant Côtes du Lot IGP
      Cahors, France | delicately fruity, delicious Rosé. Delights with opulent fruit, especially strawberry aromas and elegance.
    • Portugieser Weißherbst
      Deidesheim, Palatine, Germany | fresh, airy Rosé with aromas reminiscent of strawberries.