Christmas at the Spreegold Stores = HOLLY JOLLY duck feast company Christmas party Rooftop curling

From November on, it‘s Christmas at the Spreegold Stores

2020 too!

You can easily choose your individual menu from the extensive Spreegold menu. Also reserve a table online at your Spreegold Store.

On top of that, you can also celebrate your company Christmas party at the Spreegold. Write us your details and we will make you an offer.

Duck feast at all Spreegold Stores? Let’s see!

At christmas time 2020

Half a crispy duck from the oven with kale, red cabbage, potato dumplings with plenty of strong sauce. Eat as much as you can!

Duck feast at all Spreegold Stores

By the way: You can go curling at the Spreegold Store “In BIKINI Berlin” at christmas time 2020, on the 2nd floor!

Rooftop Eisstockschießen*

At the Spreegold BIKINI Berlin

From November 2020, you can go exclusively curling at the Spreegold Store BIKINI Berlin. You can order the festive Spreegold menus directly with it. Depending on whether you want to enjoy celebrating a win after the game or need to strengthen yourself before a defeat.
And: hot red wine punch is available on request.

Reserve a table or contact the Spreegold event team if you plan to have a bigger party.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday to Saturday from 15 to 22 o’clock

At christmas time 2020

Curling at the Spreegold BIKINI Berlin